Rev Cat

But Is It For You?


After the shock wore off of having my brand new car totaled only 4 months in, I settled in to appreciating the unexpected chance to rethink my ride.

So here’s the new one. Slightly used, significantly smaller, a much better “fit” for me (pun fully intended).

Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve owned a wide spectrum of automobiles. My least favorite to drive was my father’s gigantic Cadillac which I inherited when he died. I couldn’t get rid of it soon enough. I could never feel where it was on the road – and forget parking in the city!

My favorite, really, was the VW bug. “But you are so tall! Why would you want a bug?!” everybody said at the time. But I found it perfectly comfortable. More important to me, it was both nimble and cozy.

My last car, a high-end hybrid sedan with words like “reliable,” “eco-sound” “mature choice” and “professional” attached to it, had too many buttons and whistles on the console for my taste. Also I couldn’t hear its hybrid engine start, which felt weird.

Like some men I have dated, it was a car I felt I should like, but didn’t.

It really wasn’t for me.

This time around I went back to nimble, cozy and easy to park. “You really like a round kind of car,” my daughter remarked. I do. I like a car that looks as though it would be comfortable parked outside a hobbit house.

I try to live responsibly (most of the time) and so do you. Yes, I want to make a lighter footprint on the planet. My current good mileage but non-hybrid choice is an imperfect compromise, but one that feels right for me.

Resolving any conflict, internal or with others, involves holding all the needs you would like to see met by any choice you make. This definitely requires intention – and time. The needs will sort and sift themselves into priorities to be weighed and balanced when you do this.

It’s more than worth it to stay with the process until the question, “Is it right for me?” lands inside you with a definite YES.

With You on the Path,

Rev. Cat

Discussion Questions:

What’s the worst car you’ve ever driven?
What are you saying yes to that really isn’t for you?

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