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Pick Your Battles


This is my Once and Future Kitchen.

My current joke is that it works out well right now not to have a kitchen since we both have the flu and can’t eat.

It was January 21 when the plumbing leak that necessitated taking out all the downstairs flooring occurred. In my mind I predicted three months to do the repair but that may have been on the optimistic side.

The amazing thing is that this is not really upsetting me. Every room in the house except my office has been transformed into a storage zone, and we navigate around it. We use the top of stacks of boxes for temporary storage.

We and the cat cruise around the mess with relative ease. She is actually the big winner here since, for the first time since I became a partnered person, she has been allowed in to sleep on our bed.

What helps here is that there is absolutely nothing I can do about hurrying the remodel. The insurance company and the restoration company are moving along at a pace I don’t believe I can realistically impact, so I don’t try.

Not long ago, however, I found myself driving a tough and dangerous mountain road late at night in the driving rain. My choice, 100%. At the summit, a dense fog bank settled in. Tough, but I was okay. I did this because the following morning I had testimony to give in a case which I consider to be a matter of social justice.

I didn’t second-guess my choice to do this because the chance that I could make a difference mattered to me – and I think it did make a difference, even though the case didn’t end as I had hoped.   That doesn’t mean my presence wasn’t worthwhile.

We all get this chance over and over again to decide where to put our energy. Things that are not as we wish are all around us, not only in our immediate lives, but in the world. I imagine your inbox floods over as much as mine does with opportunities to give of your time and treasure every day.

Our time of course is a treasure – maybe the most important one we have.

Even after I came down with the flu, maybe in part because I pushed too hard, I was glad I had made the trip – though I do also want to pay attention to how my body is doing. This week, it has needed a lot more rest.

We all get this opportunity to decide what matters and where to expend ourselves over and over again. Go easy on yourself and appreciate all you do.

Pick your battles. Make peace with what you choose.

With You on the Path,


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