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Creating a Culture of Right Relationship Programs

Are you part of the shared ministry of a congregation or service-oriented community group – either as part of the clergy team or a lay leader?

Does one of these describe issues your congregation or community faces?

  • The effectiveness of your work together is undermined by unresolved conflicts, open or bubbling beneath the surface, impacting everything
  • Energy for action is drained by people who come on strong (often, but not always, well-meaning) who others don’t know how to deal with (and no one really wants to challenge)
  • Important decisions and follow-up get mired down because no one wants to move forward if anyone will be displeased with the direction taken

The “problem beneath problems” is how leaders work together – or don’t – every day, but especially when the going gets tough.

I can help!  Learn more about the transformative power of Creating a Culture of Right Relationship – the leadership development program that’s been making a difference for congregations and communities nationwide. Learn how to resolve tensions and conflicts in ways that bring people together, strengthen relationships, and build resilience for moving through change! There are many options for working together in person and online. To hear directly from clergy and lay leaders who have experienced the impact of this work, click here

When tensions are building, or a tough decision seems to threaten group unity, how helpful would it be if the leaders you count on had the skills to:

  •    Guide the dialogue so that everyone feels heard and understood, even when disagreement is strong
  •    Work together to build goodwill through a clear process that holds everyone with care and respect
  •    Use collaborative decision-making tools for finding solutions everyone can accept (at least live with!)
  •    Deal effectively with conflict avoidance, conflict denial and/or pressure tactics from a few
  •    Stay grounded in the mission and covenants that guide you, strengthening identity and growing resilience


These are some of the benefits clergy colleagues and leaders have experienced through the community building and leadership development program I’ve been bringing to congregations nationwide, both in person and online, for over a decade: Creating a Culture of Right Relationship ©.

Creating a Culture of Right Relationship is grounded in my 10 years of teaching Community Building and UU Heritage & Values at PCD Leadership School. This work synthesizes tools and processes from many developmental frameworks, including Family Systems Theory, Non-Violent Communication, the Enneagram, Integral Theory and more. Creating a Culture of Right Relationship was a featured program at the 2015 UUMA Institute for Excellence in Ministry and has been offered at several UUMA Chapter retreats.

If guiding your congregation through challenging times with greater clarity, confidence and ease, and with a cadre of trained leaders to back you sounds valuable, let’s talk!

I am currently booking online classes and in-person congregational workshops.

The place to begin is with a conversation!  

Click here to schedule a half hour Free Breakthrough Session.  Sign up now!

A follow-up group consultation with key leaders can follow. There are many possible options for working together!

To hear from directly from clergy and leaders who have benefitted from Creating a Culture of Right Relationship, or from UUA Transitions Keith Kron on the value of this work – or just to get acquainted with me, click on the links below.

Over and over again I hear from colleagues, “I had no idea how much difference this program could make!” I’d like to make the difference for you.

With You on the Path,