Rev Cat

Brief Bio

Rev. Cat Cox’s ministry supports spiritually and ethically committed people who want to give their best to others and the world without losing themselves in the process.

She guides them in engaging with others authentically and respectfully by 
communicating what matters most in ways others can hear. She supports them in
transforming challenging situations into opportunities – building mutual
understanding and goodwill and creating life-affirming outcomes for all.

This is the path to fulfilling our highest potential, individually and in community.

This is The Path of Joy!

Her in-person and online ministry serves congregations and their leaders,
colleagues and service organizations, as well as individuals and couples.

Rev. Cat holds master’s degrees from Starr King School for the Ministry (M.Div.) and UC Berkeley (M.A.T.) as well as three California teaching credentials.

She is a recipient of the Margaret Fuller Award of the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation. She is certified by BayArea Non-Violent Communication in conflict resolution studies and as a dream worker by the Institute for Advanced Archetypal Studies.

Rev. Cat served for ten years on the Senior Staff of the Unitarian Universalist
Pacific Central District Leadership School. She is a frequent presenter for the Unitarian Universalist PCD District Assembly and General Assembly

She has served as a facilitator for the UU Ministers Association, co-leading
collegial conversations on theological deepening. She was a featured workshop presenter on “Covenant-based Conflict Resolution” at the 2015 UUMA Institute for Excellence in Ministry.

She is a co-author of Spiritual Guidance Across the Religions.

She is the President of the UU Society for Community Ministries.

Her community ministry is affiliated with the UU Church of Berkeley.