Rev Cat

Mission and Vision

The mission of my ministry of spiritual guidance is to empower individuals and communities to break through and resolve whatever obstacles and conflicts are holding them back from fulfilling their own highest vision and potential. This is the path to claiming the fully authentic, vibrant and meaningful lives they have always wanted and deserved – and doing so with confidence and clarity while benefitting everyone!

My ministry encompasses both a private practice serving individuals and couples and an outreach ministry to UU congregations and communities as well as other service-oriented organizations. Through guided facilitation of individual and group processes, offered both in person and online, a new perspective opens up. Concrete communication and conflict resolution skills unfold and develop, and tools for interacting with others skillfully, effectively, respectfully, and with full integrity are internalized.

My vision is of a world in which enough people live, work, interact and lead from this transformative, awakened consciousness and highly practical skill set that we are enabled to carry the world forward towards the peace, liberty and justice for all it longs for – truly “becoming the change we wish to see.”