Rev Cat

Theology of Joy

The Theology of Joy begins with this recognition: Spirit only gives gifts.

The gifts of Spirit are offered in every moment without exception. These gifts are the manifestation of the state of Grace in which we constantly live and move and have our being.

Earning has nothing to do with Grace.

Whether we know it, accept it or ever open to receiving it, the river of Love flows from our oneness with Being itself. This river is unceasingly pouring itself over and through us, offering us moment to moment guidance aimed at keeping us in alignment with the deepest truths of the our essential nature in order to fulfill our core human purpose of experiencing the soul’s greatest fulfillment in this lifetime.

There is nothing we or anyone can do to stop this flow of Love in our direction. However, opening to experiencing this flow has everything to do with the quality of our experience of being alive!

Our feelings are a precious gift of Spirit: an internal guidance system alerting us to our openness to Grace (or lack of openness!) and the direction the flow of the Universe/Nature/the Divine is seeking to take us in any given moment.

All gifts of Spirit have as their purpose returning us to a felt sense of Oneness with Being: the inner experience of love, serenity, clarity, empowerment and joy.

The question then becomes: what is the nature of the gift that is being offered in this moment?

Either there is a gift of joy or there is a gift of learning. Sometimes there is both.

The closer we are to a feeling state of serenity, joy and empowerment, the more there is confirmation that we are swimming with the current of Grace and its intention. A true idea about how to stay in the flow of Grace in this moment is being proven true. We are receiving the gift of joy. Celebration!

The closer we are to a feeling state of suffering, unhappiness and disempowerment, the more there is confirmation that we are swimming against the current and making life harder on ourselves. We are receiving the gift of an opportunity for learning.

Gifts of learning are also to be appreciated – and explored. They are a chance to discover what false idea we are holding inside the self that is blocking the experience of joy and to dispel that false notion so that the joy can flow again. Celebration!

Since this experience of aligning with the flow of Grace and staying receptive to the ongoing gifts of Spirit is what every person needs, there is no greater gift to the world than walking the Path of Joy.