Rev Cat

Couples & Families

There is no more vital and meaningful aspect of our lives than enjoying healthy, loving relationships with the people who matter most. There is also nothing more challenging!

People often say, “everybody argues,” but in fact, that’s not true. What is true is that we all encounter differences in how we understand the past, see the situations that are unfolding now, and in what we want – and believe possible – for the future.

The difference between relationships that flourish and those that fall apart is how we handle those differences and the tensions that arise as a result. When we work out our differences in ways that build connection in the present while repairing the past, the future can be rich and fulfilling.

It really is possible to express yourself fully and authentically in ways that others can hear. It’s possible to receive what matters to others in ways that allow them to feel understood, respected, and valued. From there, we can find the solutions everyone can live with.

Learn the highly concrete and useable set of communication tools – which are also a profound spiritual practice – that make this possible!

Rev. Cat can support you in building your skills and confidence, and planning next steps. She is also available to facilitate challenging conversations.

All services are available in person, by phone and through video conferencing.

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