Rev Cat


Do you offer spiritual direction to non-UUs?

Absolutely. Developing clarity, direction and spiritual practices that support a joyful, meaning-centered life is for everyone who is interested in this journey of the soul’s fulfillment.

Is this pastoral counseling? 

Yes, and more. Pastoral care is usually short term counseling focusing on specific issues. Spiritual direction includes and goes beyond that. It begins with whatever life, work or spiritual issues are arising and explores them in a larger context of meaning and purpose. What tensions need to be resolved to allow the individual’s essential self to express and fulfill itself and to bring forth one’s best gifts in the service of life?

How is spiritual direction different from therapy?

It is sometimes said that the work of psychology is to construct a healthy ego, and the work of spiritual development is to destroy the ego. I disagree! The work of psycho-spiritual maturation is to place a healthy ego at the service of a larger purpose – both within and beyond the self. This is my approach to spiritual direction. So the question becomes: does this approach to inner work fit your needs?

What beliefs do people have to have in order to benefit from this work?

There is no test of beliefs that anyone needs to have in order to undertake the work of discovery of the call of their soul – including a belief in the existence of the soul! All that is required is an intention to live free and empowered and a willingness to begin.

Where do you meet with clients?

I meet with clients in person Benicia CA and also by phone and by video conferencing.

Do you offer a sliding fee scale?

Yes. Contact me for more information.