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Free Breakthrough Session


I couldn’t believe it… but it happened! 

I imagine there are a few celebrities in your field that you greatly respect and would dearly love to meet. That happened for me recently when I went to a workshop led by Byron Katie, internationally known writer, speaker and teacher.

The thrill I would never have anticipated is that I was invited up on the stage to join Katie in doing “The Work,” as she calls the particular inquiry process she teaches.

I know the power of this approach and have long incorporated it into my own counseling practice.

Still, it was amazing to have the chance to work with this master teacher in releasing the influence of a particularly painful moment in my early life. This was a time when, as a child, I was trapped in the car in a frightening situation in which I was also being shamed for being afraid.

All my life since I’ve hated the thought of being trapped. When I met my husband I told him I always keep my car stocked with emergency supplies (true) just in case I suddenly want to “drive to Scotland” (so to speak).

Releasing my life-long fear of being trapped was a true breakthrough moment.


What is the breakthrough you need?

 Breakthroughs offer the possibility of a fresh way of seeing something from the past or present that’s keeping us stuck and freeing ourselves for new ways of responding. This is the heart of change.

When it seems as though the world has changed, it’s most likely we changed our own way of seeing and interacting with the world.

Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes and skilled reflection to help you get there.

What breakthrough are you longing for in your life? Where are you sick of feeling stuck and aching to see change? What old beliefs and stories are holding you back?

Let’s find out…

It’s easy to put off getting what you need for yourself while tending to the needs others – or just being flooded with demands and the resulting overwhelm. Sometimes it can seem easier to just keep on keeping on. The problem is It’s exhausting, depleting and depressing too.


When you’re in a hole, first, stop digging!

If you’re ready for something different, I’d like to warmly invite you to a half hour Free Breakthrough Session. I’m extending my hours of availability for Free Breakthrough Sessions this month only!


In a Free Breakthrough Session you will:

Create clarity about the result you really want

Uncover the #1 belief holding you back

Find the essential building block you need to move forward

Discover what to do right now to get the result you want

Free Breakthrough Sessions are available by phone or Zoom videoconferencing. To find a time, just go to and click on Book an Appointment in the navigation bar. Choose a Free Breakthrough Session in any time slot I have available that works for you. I’d love to explore the possibilities!

My time with Byron Katie reminded me how important it is to make time for my own inner self-care…the ground of all positive change. I was just a tiny bit scared when she invited me up on stage, but more excited! I am so glad I said yes.

As a child, I had very few choices, and I notice I’ve often continued to live that way.

But not anymore! I don’t ever have to tell myself I’m being trapped again – particularly because I can always choose inner freedom!!

Discover the story that holds you back and what it would take dissolve the blocks to the meaningful and fulfilling life you have always deserved.


Go for it!