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Grounding Yourself

This is the view from the spot on my deck where I often sit to read, write and contemplate. When I chose this condo unit 10 years ago, the view of the bridge – which reminded me of Monet’s paintings – and the presence of water were important factors in my choice.

All conflict is stress inducing, and all stress interferes with our ability to deal constructively with the issue at hand. Grounding yourself helps to neutralize that internal stress.

There are two meanings to the concept of “grounding yourself” – an expression one often hears from spiritual teachers. Both are useful when you need to find a calm, centered place within yourself.

The first is to connect yourself energetically to the earth wherever you are. This is possible even if you happen to be on an airplane! For this spiritual practice, visualize an energy cord lighting up from the top of your skull through the base of your spine – and then visualize it dropping down through your legs and feet and extending all the way into the Great Mother Earth. You might even like to visualize the energy cord spreading out like a root system anchoring you to the planet we call home. Let yourself feel the constancy of this connection.

You can connect a breath practice to this visualization to make it more powerful. On the in breath, visualize yourself breathing in light from the Spirit of Life, God, Source Energy of Being – or however you name the Oneness of Being which you are part. On the out breath, visualize yourself sending the your stress like pulsing waves down the energy cord of your spine all the way down into the Mother Earth. Imagine that this is compost for the soil!

Just keep breathing this way until you feel the shift to more spaciousness within.

The other meaning of “grounding yourself” is literally to get in contact or close to the ground. Water counts! This is our natural state, and our bodies and spirits need this reconnection. A few minutes spent connecting with the physical earth each day will help you with the visualization practice described.

Consider making it a daily practice to connect with the physical body of the earth in an intentional way each day. If possible, go barefoot on the soil or on grass. If not, simply get as close as you can to the natural world, and let yourself be fully present to it. Visualize yourself pulling in the energy of plants and the earth and let it suffuse your being.

Even five minutes makes a difference. No matter what else is going on, the Great Mother is there to hold, nourish and replenish you. Go to Her. Let it happen.

With You on the Path,

Rev. Cat

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