Rev Cat

How Does Transformative Change Happen?

Your Awakened Life
  • Connect to the Source Energy of Life flowing through you always
  • Discover the power of staying grounded in your own core values while connecting genuinely and respectfully with others
  • Find and hold onto and what really matters to you as a sacred commitment to Life!
  • Experience greater aliveness, meaning and authenticity in all you do
  • Open to the deeper wisdom within – the guidance of your Soul!
Changing your World

Spiritually grounded conflict resolution is a deep practice for both individuals and communities, as well as a highly concrete skill set. The focus of this work is staying committed to what matters to you most while staying in positive dialogue when the going gets tough.

  • Express yourself in ways that invite others to really hear you – and that they cannot argue with!
  • Listen and respond respectfully to others and their needs without giving up your needs, values or integrity ever!
  • Choose confidently in difficult circumstances
  • Experience challenging situations as a springboard to new opportunities instead of a blockade
  • Communicate with others effectively and collaboratively to build trust, goodwill and mutual understandings
  • Create life-affirming solutions to challenging situations that support the well-being of all