Rev Cat


Spiritual Services

When life itself becomes a spiritual practice, every moment is an opportunity. Every challenge opens us to the next lesson we need; every joy reminds us how far we have come – and about the choices and consequences of where we focus our awareness.

It is possible to resolve stuck places in your life by finding the creative possibilities in every situation. Cultivating practices for staying centered in the midst of chaos and change shifts the interior experience of what is happening even when external circumstances remain unchanged. From this perspective a wider repetoire of choices opens up.  This is the key to shifting patterns that keep repeating.  From a place of self-connection, we can tap into the most reliable source of guidance – an intuitive inner knowledge – without abandoning the filters of reason and experience.  These are the promises of a spiritually grounded, meaning-centered life.

Rev. Cat’s spiritual services are tailored to meet the particular needs of individuals, couples and communities ready to resolve the obstacles and conflicts holding them back – so that they can fully flourish in the meaningful and joyful life they have always deserved.