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Creating a Culture of Right Relationship Programs

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Bringing The Power of Our Covenants and Promises Alive
Leading the way to transformative change for the community
Rev. Cat offers a variety of online and in-person programs including a congregational weekend intensive, a 5 week immersion series, an 8 week immersion series, follow-up 9 month practice groups, and occasional one-time and four-week classes with a specific topical focus. See detailed descriptions of these programs below.


“90% of the problems of a community would disappear if we could actually have a culture of right relationship in which people treat each other well while working issues out. Thanks for helping to make it happen!” – Rev. Cyndi Simpson


What results and benefits can participants expect?
– Powerful and concrete processes for living your highest values
– Developing skills in life-changing practices for authentic and respectful dialogue
– Communication tools for expressing what matters in ways you can feel great about
– Facilitated support in resolving specific difficult issues & conflicts, past or present
– Collaborative decision making processes for solutions everyone can accept
– Insight into dealing with conflict avoidance, conflict denial and/or pressure tactics
– New “conflict resilience” for calm effectiveness in challenging times
– Renewed energy for projects in the congregation / community and beyond
– Strengthened community bonds and deepening trust in leadership
– Guidelines for developing a core leadership group to address future conflicts
– Grounding in covenant as our shared UU community spiritual practice


“The environment in our congregation is dramatically different as a result of your work with us. It’s refreshingly and rewardingly open – thank you so much.” – Jim Meckel, President of the Board RVUUF


Positively impact every area of your life
– individually and in community!
Move forward together towards your vision
Inspire change and live your liberal religious values in the larger world!
Create real movement in “becoming the change we wish to see.”



Core Programs

Is there an issue or project your congregation is particularly focused on now? All of the following programs can be adapted to address the concerns, issues, or development you are focused on now.

Congregational Weekend Intensive

This is the ideal way to begin our work together…

Friday evening: Rev. Cat meets with a group of leaders, which might include the Board, key committee chairs, the Committee on Ministry, the Right Relationship or Healthy Congregations team, and other leaders as appropriate, to discuss specific goals and concerns for the weekend, get an overview of the program and to begin to address specific congregational issues.

Saturday: An open-to-all members all day congregational workshop focused on introducing the key skills of covenant-based communication, collaboration and conflict resolution to the congregation as a whole and offering practice opportunities focused on issues and challenges the congregation is facing.

Saturday dinner: Meeting with congregational leaders in an informal setting to continue the Friday evening conversation about congregational needs and to address whatever has arisen at the Saturday workshop that may need follow-up.

Sunday: Rev. Cat leads the worship service(s): Theme: The Only Problem to Solve
This service explores why the development of healthy, shared practices for how we solve problems is the crucial spiritual and practical ground for all a congregation’s work; how we get there together through covenant-based ways of living our values – fulfilling our UU Principles and Purposes in our congregation and our work in the world.

Sunday afternoon: After service session: “Where do we go from here?”- a facilitated conflict resolution and/or collaborative decision-making session with leaders exploring and developing next steps,.

These elements work together synergistically to energize and inspire a core group of leaders to carry forward the work of Creating a Culture of Right Relationship, supporting one another in that process – and beginning a “ripple effect” throughout the whole!


Five-Week Immersion Series

  The Five-Week Immersion Series includes:
– Five weekly, 90 min. video-conferencing class sessions with Rev. Cat and up to 35 participants
– Weekly reflection sheets focusing on the topic of the week
– Core materials for step-by-step guidance through future challenges
– Support for set-up of weekly check-in calls between paired participants
– Unlimited email support
– Ongoing support options, individualized for every congregation


Eight-Week Immersion Series

The Eight-Week Immersion Series includes all the elements of the Five-Week Immersion Series, expanded to extend learning and practice opportunities over a longer period of 8 weeks meeting for 90 minute video-conferencing class sessions.

In addition, this series includes:
– Two 30-minute “laser coaching” calls for congregational leaders for support ASAP!
– Grounding the issues and challenges of the congregation and our faith in the
historical/cultural context of UU culture, including the challenges and blindspots!
– In-depth exploration of the 3 styles of meeting conflict and how to work with them
– Expanded opportunities for group practice focusing on present issues / concerns


Nine-Month Practice Groups

Following an Immersion Series, a once-a-month Practice Group – 90-minute
sessions, with meetings held by video-conferencing – provides ongoing opportunities for facilitated support in resolving specific tensions and conflicts from the past or pre-sent. A 9 month Practice Groups will greatly reinforce and deepen skills and confidence in staying grounded in our covenants and values, while growing confidence and facility in working through challenging issues and creating solutions based in authenticity, integrity and caring, strengthening and building community. Two additional sessions for building effective Right Relationship / Healthy Congregation teams is also included.




More comments from clergy…      
“Thank you for your deep, seasoned and courageous facilitation.” – Rev. Mary Grigolia
“This work is at the heart of lay leadership development.” – Rev. Nan White
More comments from congregational participants: 
“This course has changed forever how I see and deal with conflict.”
“I have new hope for our congregation. Now I see the potential, not just the problems.”
“I can never thank you enough. I had not spoken to my son in ten years, but after the workshop I called him using the communication tools I had learned. Now we are going to see each other, and I will meet my grandchildren for the first time.”
“There really are no words that can express the gratitude that I have, because what you’ve done is multidimensional and exceptional”