Rev Cat

Empowered Ministry

Have you lost touch with your call? Open the door to change to by exploring spiritual practices that will release you from guilt, overwork and other habitual response patterns that no longer serve you. Release whatever holds you back as the  “norm” of ministerial existence and find your center again. New clarity, purpose, and freedom await!

Discover transformative and concrete spiritual practice/communication tools that let you:

  • Prioritize what matters and lead from your strengths
  • Decide with ease whether to do, delegate or drop
  • Resolve tensions and conflicts in ways that energize and build consensus
  • Uphold your boundaries and feel great about it
  • Build a strong group of leaders who support your ministry and love what they do
  • Deepen your own spiritual life while building community bonds

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“So many times I have seen that, no matter what has happened, if people connect in this certain way that it is inevitable that they will end up enjoying giving to one another. It is inevitable. For me my work is like watching the magic show. It’s too beautiful for words.” – Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D