Rev Cat


Individual and couplesYou want – and you deserve – a joyful, meaningful, and fulfilling life. Unresolved internal struggles, often grounded in unresolved traumas of the past, can leave anyone feeling hopeless and trapped in the present and unable to make decisions about the future.

Wisdom traditions throughout the world speak of the possibility of transforming suffering and struggle into self-awareness, clarity, and peace through spiritual counseling.

How do we get there?

There are many psycho-spiritual practices for healing the past and centering ourselves in the present. The path is ever unfolding. Together, we can discover where Life is leading you and how to get there.

Cultivating practices for staying centered within the self in the midst of chaos and change, opening to the Spirit moving through you, and communicating with others in ways that build trust and mutual understanding, make all the difference. From this perspective, solutions that benefit everyone open up.

Individual spiritual guidance sessions are available in person, by phone and through video conferencing.

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