Rev Cat

Worship Services

Rev. Cat is available for guest preaching in both Unitarian Universalist and interfaith settings. Her signature talk, The Power of Conflict Resilience, opens the door to powerful transformation in how a community moves through conflict, challenge and change.

Developing conflict resilience gives us the power to affirm our own deepest values while engaging in  difficult conversations confidently, authentically and respectfully – and to find solutions we can feel great about!

Discover how to meet tension and conflict – an inevitable part of all relationships and communities – most effectively and open the way to “becoming the change we wish to see.”

What Do We Do Now? Discover the three basic response patterns to rising tension and why they keep us frustrated and stuck! Explore how a powerful (but simple!) spiritual practice frees us. Learn how to  break through preconceptions about possibilities – both our own and others! – and discover options no one has yet considered!

Covenant-Based Conflict Resolution:  Spiritual transformation happens when we bridge the gap between affirming our UU covenants in principle and having the skills to live and model them, as well as guide our communities by them when the going gets rough! Discover the shift in consciousness and focus which makes this possible!

The Power of Conflict Resilience: Dealing with tension and conflict is an inevitable part of all communities. Developing conflict resilience gives us the power to engage challenging conversations confidently, communicate authentically and respectfully – and find solutions we can feel great about. Let’s explore how we get there.

Two Hour Afternoon Workshop: From Conflict to Collaboration

  • Approach conflict constructively to open up fresh (and astonishing!) options.
  • Develop communication skills that transform the experience of conflict for you and others.
  • Creating the conditions in which real collaboration and long-term solutions blossom.
  • Creating breakthrough in specific issues affecting.
  • Discover how energy and creativity are renewed as mutual understanding leads to solutions that strengthen commitment.

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We meet on holy ground, for that place is holy where lives touch, love moves, and hope stirs. We meet on holy ground, brought into being as life encounters life, as separate selves become community. – Rev. Richard Gilbert