Rev Cat


“I have new excitement and hope for our congregation and for what Unitarian Universalists could accomplish. This could really change everything.” – Congregational Workshop Participant.

“I guess we meet with things when it is the “right” time. I see that in my teaching all the time. The students learn when they are ready, no matter how many times you have given the “proper” instruction. I am ready for what I am learning now. Thank you, and you are still stunningly amazing.”  – Private Client

“Just want to say again thank you for your support, caring, thoughtfulness, honesty and willingness to give your all in your discernment and clarity with us. I appreciate that you are a person of such integrity and heart.” – Private Client

“I don’t know how – or if – I would have made it through the challenges of seminary without the support in clarifying my path that our work has provided. Thank you.” – Starr King School for the Ministry Graduate

“Thank you all for your contributions — as always, sharing your gifts created a beautiful and fulfilling experience for all.” – Julie Springer, Past PCD Leadership School Convener

“My renewed awareness of practicing the principles of NVC guided me successfully through two conversations around conflicts in the last 24 hours – Yes!!” – Workshop Participant

“Your presentation was exactly what we needed to hear!!!” – Unitarian Universalist Congregant

“Once you have heard another person’s dream, and have explored that dream together, that person can never again seem like a stranger.” — Workshop Participant

“I’ve totally changed my attitude towards church conflict. I see we can get through it. Thank you for guiding us through the role playing! I can’t believe how much dialogue it opened up.” – Workshop Participant

“Thanks for your insightful and helpful exchange with me. I’ve taken several positive steps based on your suggestions, and I feel calmer, clearer, and more in charge of what I want and how I can get it.”- UU Lay Leader

“I can’t think of a more important, incisive talk that I’ve attended. Thanks for a fresh perspective on how to work with this” – UU Ministerial Colleague

“I’m stunned by the implications of this world view. This is a way of looking at history that has the power to radically shift the kind of future we can create.” – workshop participant, Pacfic Central District Leadership School.

“You were both fun to be with and a big help in getting us started.” – Search Committee Member

“I have been hearing the echoes of wonder and gratitude around our congregation. Thank you for participating in our church retreat.” – Julia Rodriguez, First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Jose

“I’m recommending you to every clergy friend I know.” – Rev. Nancy Palmer-Jones, First Unitarial Universalist Church of San Jose

“I left our retreat saying to myself, for the first time – and with great pride – I have a religion.” Retreat Participant

“I can’t say enough about how much I got out of the retreat you led.” Southeast Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association Retreat Participant

To hear from directly from clergy and lay leaders who have benefitted from  Creating a Culture of Right Relationship, or from UUA Transitions Keith Kron on the value of this work – or just to get acquainted with me, click here.