Rev Cat

The Real Resistance

“Always in motion is the future,” said Yoda, and the future is in motion now.

Michelle Alexander’s opinion piece in the NYT, “We Are Not the Resistance,” says it well: “Viewed from the broad sweep of history, Donald Trump is the resistance. We are not.” Yes. We are in the midst of a reactionary last gasp of a dying world – heterosexist, racist, white supremacist, misogynistic and all the rest.

The “global struggle for human dignity and freedom” (Alexander) does and will go on. Yes, totalitarianism threatens us, and I am not so naïve as to think it cannot happen. And as our world devolves as a result of climate change, the desperate grab for control and consolidation of power over scarce resources will intensify.

Our work, as I see it, is to hold onto the best that is in ourselves, call forth the best in others and find the places we can most meaningfully contribute to that ongoing struggle for freedom and dignity in the midst of what we are living through now.

I take my stand in the belief that the refusal to demonize the millions of essentially good people whose fear and bewilderment as the world changes under them is driving them to seek (false) safety in the deceptions and untruths that are promises of the reactionary far-right – in this country and worldwide – is part of that work.

For that reason I continue on in my ministry of spiritual direction and congregational consultation focused on conflict resolution benefiting everyone. I KNOW that when we take our stands in truth AND love, change happens. Not for everyone, but for some. Every one of those people counts. I know we need that work in our own midst first so that we can face outward to the world living the values we say we stand for.

Ever inspired by Nelson Mandela, I take my stand in the fierce commitment that there is one power I will never surrender to others who may demonize me: the power to make me hate them. This is the resistance to which I commit my life. And yes – this, in the world we live in, is the Path of Joy.

With You on the Path,
Rev. Cat

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