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What Is Waiting to be Born?



However you are spending Easter, many blessings for a beautiful day!

Religious traditions from the ancient pagan mystery cults through the Christian story of the Resurrection connected us to this time of Spring rebirth and renewal.

Sometimes we forget that in order for something new to come into being, something whose time has passed has to be released as well.

Storyteller Clarissa Pinkola Estes has written in Women Who Run with the Wolves that, as a spiritual practice, she asks herself every day what has to be allowed to die that day in order that something new in her life to be born.

It’s a wonderful question. In this Easter season I am wanting to bring to birth a daily practice of art-making in the afternoons. I see this as a way of transitioning out of my workday, which I often find it difficult to do. So what has to be allowed to die in my life right now is the habit of mind that always says, “Let me just get this one last email taken care of….”

Underneath that, what I have to release is the story that if I were to get that “one more thing” done the inner mild-to-moderate anxious nagging feeling would abate. That feeling has something to do with the universal longing to affirm my self-worth and the lifelong story, certainly cultivated throughout my education, which ties that to achievements

The real inner work is to challenge the false story that my need to feel worth is met by accomplishing one more thing, or any set of things. In fact, that is the wrong direction to start with. As a Unitarian Universalist, I take my stand in believing in the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Our inherent worth and dignity doesn’t rest on our accomplishments. I want to focus my energy on the things that matter to me, and one of those is my life as an artist.

And so I am letting this “egg” of unknown possibilities crack open this Easter and creating time for that to happen. The old stories die hard, and we need spiritual practices to help them release and let go. Turning to my art as a daily practice, even if only for a few minutes, is both an end in itself and a spiritual practice for transition.

What is waiting in gestation for you to bring to birth in your life? What needs to be allowed to die so that something new can be born? And if not now, when?!

With You on the Path,
Rev. Cat

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