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What Wants to Happen?


The Italian dolls usually reside atop a cabinet in the living room, but with the floor reconstruction going on downstairs, they’ve migrated to my study. I find I like looking at them as I work.

Clients sit at the other end of the sofa, and they are there, companioning us both.

The dolls feel right there, and their expressions of equanimity and presence, combined with an unrepeatable individuality, please me – and reminds me of the stance I want to take in the world myself.

I feel they quite like it here, that maybe they didn’t enjoy being on a high shelf out of eyesight! I didn’t plan it. It’s a fortuitous surprise that wanted to happen.

Feng shui is the art of placing things so that they work together well, increasing the positive energy flow in the room- and its inhabitants. It’s more than mere decoration. It’s about seeking to harmonize with the surrounding environment. Feng shui is also about balancing the “invisible forces” that “bind the universe, earth, and humanity together – known as “qi” or “chi.” This is subtle energy, but you can feel it – the sense of being in alignment.

Paying attention to the forces that contribute to harmony in your life (or don’t) is important. Achieving a felt sense of balance is a delight to the senses – and the soul.

We can never get everything to flow in the direction that we want, but we can create islands of calm and renewal. It’s surprising how much small things matter, and the energy reverberates outward.

We all experience struggle in life, but often we can create greater ease with small changes that energize us for whatever lies ahead

One of the ways to re-center on the path of joy is just to choose your focus. Pay attention today to places where small adjustments can create greater create ease, harmony and beauty.


With You on the Path,



Question: What “wants to happen” to open to more beauty and ease for you?

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