Rev Cat

When Bad Things Happen


On Friday, I had a blowout flat tire on my car while driving on a freeway at high speed. The tire actually tore in half. I managed to navigate safely to the shoulder.

On Saturday, a pipe behind the baseboard wall of my condo sprung a leak and flooded my living room from the floor up. All the downstairs flooring will need to be replaced.

On Sunday, I was rear-ended while making a left turn into a parking lot when a car slammed into me from behind, at night, in the rain. I walked away uninjured. The photo was taken just after the accident.

Here are some other true things relating to the above:

When Friday’s tire blowout happened, I had just connected with my husband on the phone in that instant. Instead of whatever it was that I was planning to say (I have no idea now), I found myself yelling, “Something awful is happening!” He calmly told me to navigate carefully and safely across the lanes onto the shoulder. Would I have known to do that? Maybe. I might have tried to make it to the next exit, which was in view, and that would have been far more dangerous. Most importantly, I was able to stay calm.

We had noticed the one-year-old laminate floor starting to curl up, but we figured something had gone wrong with the glue. It was my daughter, who happened to be visiting on Saturday, who noticed water squishing up between the boards. We caught the leak just in time to avoid the furniture (as well as the floor) being ruined.

Sunday’s accident happened 200 miles from home, as I was turning into a parking lot for a Chinese restaurant where I was going to meet my two older granddaughters. When I went in to tell them what had happened, there was my cousin, Will, having dinner with a friend. I hadn’t been able to reach Will earlier to let him know I was coming to town. But there he was! He spent the rest of the evening and the whole next day helping me out.

I won’t deny that these incidents, especially happening back to back, shook me up. And slowed me down. I’m still recovering. I’m giving myself permission to take some time to catch my breath.

But when bad stuff happens, where do you put your focus?

I find there are three questions to ask that help me get back to the Path of Joy

  • How is the Holy speaking to me in this?
  • What is there for me to learn?
  • What is the next step I need to take?

Every one of these incidents was outside my control. They happened to me, and I honestly don’t see any way I could have anticipated them. But the learning opportunity I see here isn’t about seeing something I missed.

I think it’s about noticing the synchronicities – the meaningful coincidences that Jung referred to as “the calling cards of the Divine” – which made a difference and softened the impact of each one of these incidents.

The Universe seems to work this way, and this is helpful on many levels. I want to stay awake to that, and I’m grateful for the reminder.

With You on the Path,

Rev. Cat