Rev Cat

Are you committed, hardworking, always striving – but not truly flourishing?
Resolve the obstacles and conflicts holding you back from the vibrant life you deserve – while benefitting everyone!
You can make a difference without losing yourself in the process.
Discover how to listen to your Inner Guidance.
Build your life around what matters to you most.
Contribute to your relationships, community and world in ways you can feel great about while deepening your own fulfillment and joy!
What is your “if only…” story?

If only I could I finally could get out of overwhelm and over-committment…
If only these people would listen to me…
If only I could accomplish enough to finally earn a break…
If only I could get enough right to finally feel good about where we are…
If only this impossible person  (or group) would either change or get out of the way…

If you care about making a difference in the lives of others and the world, but are losing yourself (or giving up hope!) in the process…then you already know the frustration of:
  • Staying silent and pretending it doesn’t hurt or really matter (yes it does!)
  • Telling yourself “it will get better” (how long have you been waiting?)
  • Deferring and telling yourself “it’s for the best” or “this is the last time” (no, it isn’t)
  • Justifying and minimizing (a guarantee nothing will change)
  • Pressuring, threatening or coercing (even if you get your way, resentments will only erupt later)
  • Leaving in a state of unresolved bitterness or resentment (energy sapping “baggage” nobody needs!)

It’s time to set yourself free!  Your Path of Joy is Waiting!

Awakening your Spirit 
  • Connect to the Source Energy of Life flowing through you at all times
  • Discover the power of staying grounded in your own core values while connecting genuinely and respectfully with others
  • Find and hold onto and what really matters to you as a sacred commitment to Life!
  • Experience greater aliveness, meaning and authenticity in all you do
  • Open to the deeper wisdom within – the guidance of your Soul!
Empowering Your Life 
  • Express yourself in ways that invite others to really hear you – and that they cannot argue with!
  • Listen and respond respectfully to others and their needs without giving up your needs, values or integrity ever!
  • Choose confidently in difficult circumstances
  • Experience challenging situations as a springboard to new opportunities instead of a blockade
  • Communicate with others effectively and collaboratively to build trust, goodwill and mutual understandings
  • Create life-affirming solutions to challenging situations that support the well-being of all
Benefitting Everyone 
  • Free your energy to contribute your unique gifts while loving the life you live!
  • Empower and inspire others to become their best as well!
There is no more powerful – or Sacred – way to live!

“Don’t let anyone rob you of your joy.  It remains the catalyst to change the world.” – Rev. Greg Stewart

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